How We Help

How We Help Companion Animals

The role of the JustOne™ brand is to build awareness of the plight of pets across the United States and to help support the work of the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation™.

The Jason Debus Heigl Foundation™ (JDHF) is a non-profit organization focused on eliminating the needless suffering inflicted on companion animals by human cruelty, indifference and ignorance.

Founded by Nancy and Katherine Heigl in 2008, the JDHF provides grants to numerous non-profit animal rescue and advocacy organizations, shelters and animal welfare facilities to help fund their work.

In addition to creating safe havens for animals that have been abused or neglected, ensuring that the perpetrators of animal abuse are held accountable and prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and implementing humane education and training programs, the Heigl Foundation also operates a number of key initiatives. These include zero cost sterilization programs, transports programs and the financing of veterinary care for homeless animals.

The targeted sterilization program offers free spay neuter surgeries in areas that contribute disproportionately to animal intake at their local shelters. It is designed to help address the pet overpopulation crisis and prevent the euthanization of healthy animals by reducing the number of abandoned litters.

The Foundation's transport program supports and subsidizes the relocation of animals from shelters where they are scheduled to be euthanized, to pre-approved humane societies, rescue organizations and no kill facilities in areas where the demand for adoptable pets exceeds supply.

The Heigl Hounds of Hope, the JDHF’s internal rescue group is focused on animals that have suffered through cruelty or neglect, by assisting cats, dogs and horses that require behavioral or veterinary attention that is beyond the scope of a municipal facility. The JDHF is able to provide the top notch care or training that enables each animal to find a forever home.

Making A Difference

By supporting the JustOne™ brand you are helping to extend the scope of the Heigl Foundation’s efforts to care for more animals and save more lives.

The JustOne™ team works hard to make sure our merchandise stands out from the crowd, giving pet owners a sense of pride in both the product and in the knowledge that their purchase has made a difference.